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Dive into Textured Waves: Discover new Cypher2 and Cypher2 Player expanders

Textured Waves and Vivid Sequences are now available on

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Hear the sounds of Textured Waves performed on the Songmaker Kit.

There’s now more to explore in the Cypher2 synth from FXpansion — named ‘the best MPE-ready instrument’ by MusicRadar.

Textured Waves is an ocean of deep, dark and spacious tones for your productions. It joins Vivid Sequences as the next addition to Cypher2’s acclaimed library of 5D presets.

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Both expanders are compatible with Cypher2 Player, the version of Cypher2 that’s bundled with ROLI instruments. So if you’re a Seaboard or BLOCKS creator, you can explore the sounds on desktop even without the full Cypher2 synth.

Hear the stunning sounds below.

Textured Waves

Submerge yourself in Textured Waves. Its ambient presets are perfect for adding character or density to any production — from the spaced-out, epic TX Folded Graphene; to the sinister and menacing TX Burning Ground; to the beautifully melancholic TX At Peace. Whether you’re composing soundtracks or just looking to give your songs more depth, Textured Waves lets you summon atmospheres at the touch of a finger. Dive right in!

Vivid Sequences

Inspired by Cypher2’s revolutionary step sequencer, Vivid Sequences is a lively collection of sequenced presets that will set your creativity in motion. From the heavy EDM of SQ Club Stabber to the funky minimal of SQ Wavefold Techno, this expander is ideal for your acid, techno or house floor-fillers. Brighten any production with Vivid Sequences' electronic rhythms.

Learn more about Cypher2 Player

Cypher2 Player is a desktop sound player version of Cypher2. It comes free with every Seaboard RISE, Seaboard Block and Lightpad Block. Featuring 50 sounds designed to come alive on the expressive surfaces of ROLI instruments, Cypher2 Player also includes 3 unique macro controls for every preset.

Cypher2 Player owners can unlock even more sounds (plus world-class tools for designing your own), by upgrading to the full version of Cypher2 for half price.

Learn more about the critically-acclaimed Cypher2 on