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Expand your sound with Dimension Art for Cypher2

Dimension Art is now available on

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Watch the sound bending demo of organic MPE sounds featured in Dimension Art played on the Seaboard RISE 49.

A selection of 50 delicate, malleable, expansively dimensional sounds are yours with Dimension Art, the new expander pack for Cypher2.

Dimension Art CTA blog2

The pack is a masterpiece from Geoffrey Gee, the New York-based sound designer and composer who has pioneered new voicing techniques over a 30-year career. Choose from smooth, round, organic sounds like Liquid Hybrid Lead or fresh takes on raw synth sounds like Metheny Seaboard. Dimension Art offers the largest sonic palette of any Cypher2 expander, so you can add new dimensions to any project.

From clavinets to mallets to electric pianos, the MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) sounds in Dimension Art are optimised for the Seaboard. But they also work with standard controllers.

Buy Dimension Art now for $25 (€22, £20) on

Dimension Art CTA blog2

Check out the full range of other expander packs including Elemental EDM, Textured Waves and Vivid Sequences here. All from Cypher2, the world’s biggest collection of MPE sounds.

And don't forget, ROLI creators can also enjoy experimenting with these sounds within ROLI Studio Player — just download via ROLI Connect today.

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