Craft sweeping scores with Orchestral Ensembles

Featuring over 50 astonishingly expressive sounds

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Command an entire orchestra with Orchestral Ensembles. Meticulously sampled from recordings of large, professional ensembles, this premium soundpack features highly-detailed string, woodwind and brass presets — alongside intricate blends that form an entire orchestra.

Perfect for sweeping cinematic scores or adding a classical touch to any track, Orchestral Ensembles is a world-class showcase of traditional acoustics finding new life within the expressive, electronic world of Equator2.

Compatible with ROLI Studio Player and Equator2

Includes: 51 x MPE and 52 x Standard MIDI presets

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Preset list:

MPE - 51

Orchestral Ensembles MPE Preset list image

Standard MIDI - 52

Orchestral Ensembles standard MIDI preset list image


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