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Build blissful, downtempo beats with Lo-fi Hip Hop

Discover the latest soundpack for Equator2 and ROLI Studio

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Watch the sounds of Lo-fi Hip Hop recorded and performed by Little Monarch on Seaboard RISE and LUMI Keys Studio Edition.

Set a perfectly laid-back musical mood with Lo-fi Hip Hop, a collection of mellow presets for building blissful beats to study and relax to.

Featuring meticulously-recorded guitar strums, tape-soaked electric pianos and vinyl crackles — plus warm pads, synths and basses galore — this Equator2 and ROLI Studio soundpack will add nostalgic charm to any track

Each Lo-fi Hip Hop preset has been engineered for maximum expression, so you can infuse your beats with MPE magic. Standard MIDI versions are also available for non-MPE controllers.

Watch the sounds performed above on Seaboard RISE and LUMI Keys Studio Edition by songwriter and producer Little Monarch.

Create your own downtempo dream with Lo-fi Hip Hop today!

Includes: 54 x MPE and 54 x Standard MIDI Presets

Compatible with Equator2 and ROLI Studio.

Download Lo-fi Hip Hip.

Download Equator2.


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Lo-Fi Hip Hop by ROLI

Lo-Fi Hip Hop is the ultimate soundpack for building blissful, downtempo beats to study or relax to. Evoke nostalgia with vinyl crackles, tape-soaked electric pianos and meticulously-recorded guitar strums. Layer on subtle melodies with mellow pads, synths and basses. This Equator2 and ROLI Studio collection sets the perfect laid-back musical mood. Includes: 54 x Standard and 54 x MPE presets