Developer Kit A

Start building apps for BLOCKS

Developer Kit A is the perfect bundle for developing BLOCKS apps. Get started with a Lightpad Block and a specially designed Control Block with switches numbered from 0 to 7, and a +/- button.

    Lightpad Block

    Lightpad Block: a versatile surface

    The Lightpad Block features a tactile silicone surface that is LED-illuminated and responds to Five Dimensions of Touch. 5D Touch technology opens new ways of interacting with software, making the Lightpad Block the perfect controller for music and game applications.

    Control Block

    Developer Control Block: customize your app

    Specially designed for developers to allow easy, on-the-fly adjustments in real time, the Developer Control Block features 8 switches labelled from 0 to 7 with RGB LEDs and a +/- dual button. The Control Block connects to the Lightpad Block through magnetized BLOCKS DNA connectors.

    C++ API

    Open-source API

    Our powerful open-source C++ API contains all you need to start developing cross-platforms apps for BLOCKS. It uses parts of the JUCE library, so it’s easy to integrate with your existing apps if you’re a JUCE user. Even if you’re not, the code is free to use for all apps compatible with BLOCKS.

    Max MSP

    Max for BLOCKS

    Integrate your existing patches with BLOCKS using Max, the open-ended modular software framework from Cycling’74. Check out how easy it is with the latest version of Max.

    Lightpad Block

    Technical Diagram


    1. Lightpad Block.
    2. BLOCKS Dashboard.
    3. 10 NOISE Soundpacks.
    4. Equator Player.
    1. Max MSP License (Three Months).
    2. USB-C to USB-A Cable.
    3. Quick Start Guide.
    4. One Year Full Warranty.

    Tech Specs

    Dimensions and Weight

    Width: 94mm (3.7 inches).
    Height: 20mm (0.78 inches).
    Depth: 94mm (3.7 inches).
    Weight: 250g (0.55 pounds).

    Connectivity / Ports

    USB-C port (MIDI out and power).
    Full MIDI compatibility over USB and Bluetooth LE.
    8 DNA connectors.


    4 hour battery life.
    2 hour charge time.


    15 meter Bluetooth range.

    System Requirements

    iPhone 6, 6 Plus or newer. iPad air or newer. iOS 9.0 or above. Mac OSX 10.10+ / Windows 10.

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