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How To: control Logic Pro X with the Lightpad and Loop Block

  • Tags
    BLOCKS, Logic Pro
  • Difficulty
  • Time Needed
  • Supplies
    Beatmaker Kit (or Lightpad Block and Loop Block), Logic Pro

In this tutorial film we show you how to set up your Beatmaker Kit (or any Lightpad Block and Loop Block) with Logic Pro X. Open the Logic control app in ROLI Dashboard and start using Blocks to record and produce your tracks.

Lesson video

Essentials: Connecting ROLI hardware via Bluetooth to a Mac

Open Audio Midi Setup on your Mac, and make sure that your Bluetooth is switched on. If it is not already open, press Command (⌘) and 2 to show the Midi Studio Window. In the Midi Studio Window, double click on the Bluetooth box to see a list of Midi Bluetooth Devices. If your blocks are turned on, they should appear under this list. Click ‘Connect’ next to the devices you want to connect to your computer.

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